Sportswriter Turns Fact to Fiction


How would you like to be teleported to a new time and land?

How would you like to be teleported to a new time and land? Well Mike Lupica, author of many books, including: Travel Team, Million Dollar Throw, and his newest addition True Legend believes you can, with the power of books! You might find him in his writing sanctuary, constructed from an old shed in his yard. He might be holding a yellow legal pad with no lines; this is they way he likes to write…long hand. After around 15 pages of writing on the notepad he will type it up on the computer; he thinks of this step as a second draft.

Mike Lupica thinks he is most like the character Danny Walker who is in Travel Team, but more than anything else his characters are molded from experiences he has had with his own children. The three words he used to describe himself were “Lucky. Lucky. Lucky.” Mike Lupica loves being around sports and writing, but the time he likes most of all is when he is with his whole family including his two crazy dogs. One of his novels is usually written in four to five months.

When asked “How do you feel about sport stars getting special treatment when it comes to their studies?” Lupica replied, “I hate it!” One thing my kids learned was sports stars are just people with a special talent.

“I never get writers block…so much of childhood interests me.” Mike Lupica’s advice for becoming a good writer is READ and WRITE! “Good writing comes from reading, I love reading.” You have to write. “The key to writing is rewriting… I love rewriting.” You go back and back and back again. First, write the best sentence you can then the best paragraph and then the best page you can. Then go back and make it even better.

What do you think is more important reading or being active? “Both, you have to exercise your mind and body… The greatest part of reading is, page one, chapter one.” Mike Lupica is a bestselling author and kids ten and up would all love his books, especially if they are into sports!