Earwig and the witch


Earwig and the witch is about a girl in an orphanage called Erica Wig, but everyone calls her Earwig. One day, a strange couple comes to the orphanage. The couple, despite her ugly looks, chooses Earwig! On the way home, the lady (Bella Yaga) tells Earwig that she is a witch. Earwig has to help Bella Yaga do her witchcraft.
If Earwig doesn’t do what Bella Yaga says, she gets worms inside of her body. So does Mrs. Yaga’s cat, Thomas. They have to come up with a plan before she actually does this, but Bella Yaga finds out. A part of this plan is that Earwig makes a hole through the wall separating her bedroom from her bathroom, and when she does get the worms, she takes them and puts them through the hole into the bathroom, or so she thinks.
Little does she know that magical worms go to magical places. This means that the worms go into Bella Yaga’s husband’s room. To find out what happens to Earwig, you have to read this book!
I think this book is for 7+. It is funny and surprising, and there are some hilarious illustrations.