Missy Franklin


These are the questions that Missy was kind enough to answer for me:


These are the questions that Missy was kind enough to answer for me:


LW: If you could be an animal what animal would you be and why?
MF: A dolphin for sure. I love the ocean so much and dolphins are my favorite marine animal. They are so smart and really seem to have fun!


LW: What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to Food?
MF: Ice cream for sure.


LW: What made you think of doing the "Call Me Maybe " video?
MF: Kathleen Hersey, one of my team mates, came up with the idea in our training camp in Vichy, France. I thought it was fantastic. We had so much fun and filmed it ourselves!


LW: What was it like dancing on an airplane/ bus on your way to London for the Olympics?
MF: I had always wanted to do this so it was a dream come true!


LW: Was it hard to convince certain people to do the video? Who?
MF: Only Ricky Berens, but he gave in and was a good sport!!


LW: Have you always loved swimming?
MF: I started at 6 months old with a "Mom and Me" swim lesson and reportedly loved it. I was so excited to start on swim team when I was 5. We played games at practices and meets. Swimming is still so much fun for me!


LW: Do you think your friends will treat you differently because of your gold?
MF: My friends treat me as "Missy". When I came back from London it was wonderful to catch up with them and start doing normal teenage activities. Last week we decorated white overalls to wear to our high school football games.


LW: Who is your role model/ inspiration?
MF: Natalie Coughlin is one of our best female swimmers of all time. She is also a very humble woman and a leader of the USA Team.


LW: Who supports you most?
MF: My mom is amazing. She has always been there for me and supports me with everything.


LW: Did any of your friends go to the games?
MF: All my friends were there in spirit! I received so many texts and emails throughout the games. Most of my family came to London and a good friend, Savannah and her mom, Olivia, were there for my 200 Back!

LW: What are the last three songs you played on your ipod?
MF: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift; Come Wake Me Up – Rascal ; Good Time – Carly Rae Jepsen, and Owl City


LW: What is your favorite way to get pampered?
MF: My mom and I have a great tradition. Before every meet we get manicures and pedicures together.

LW: Why do you go to Regis?
MF: I was fortunate to have great options. I visited 3 high schools and they were all excellent schools. When I walked in the door of Tradition Hall at Regis Jesuit High School, I felt at home. I knew I belonged there.


LW: What is your good luck charm?
MF: I really don't have a good luck charm. Before, during and after every event I always say a prayer.


LW: Did you have braces?
MF: Yes, I had Stage 1 and 2 braces and wear a retainer every night.


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