Get Lost in the Corn Maze


Have you ever been lost in a maze of corn taller than you are and farther than you can see?

Have you ever been lost in a maze of corn taller than you are and farther than you can see? I was able to at a recent trip my family and I took to the annual corn maze over at the Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield. This was my first visit to a corn maze and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When we arrived, I was able to speak with the director, Will Jones, and learned some interesting facts about the maze. He explained that people come from all over to find their way out of the maze and it takes 7 months for them to grow the corn for the 8 acre maze. My family and I were excited to give it a try and see how we would do. On our way into the maze they gave us a fun set of trivia questions we could answer to help guide our way. Some of the questions were harder than we thought and we were retracing our steps many times. At times it felt like we were just going in circles but that was part of the fun! We ended up wandering for over an hour and found our way to one of the raised bridges where we were able to overlook the whole maze filled with people. We had such a great time even if we end up calling it quits. On the way out we tried some warm kettle corn and freshly squeezed lemonade after all of that hard work! When you come be sure to wear comfortable shoes, prepare for the weather, and bring a jacket and flashlight if you go later in evening when the weather is cool. The Botanical Gardens at Chatfield also offers hay and pony rides, a Mini Maze for younger kids as well as lots of delicious foods to try for purchase. Prices start at just $6 for kids 3-12 and $10 for adults. For more information or to print out at map go to: I hope you have as much fun as I did!