Mother Daughter Book Clubs


     Calling all readers! Are you a mother or a daughter who likes to read together?

     Calling all readers! Are you a mother or a daughter who likes to read together? If so, you should try the Mother/Daughter Book Club that meets at the Highlands Ranch Library.

     The Mother/Daughter Book Club started six years ago because there were no book clubs meeting at the library. Jennifer Haberkorn, Youth Librarian with the Highlands Ranch Library, decided to start one. She started the book club with a summer pilot of many different types of book clubs, including Parent/Child, Father/Son and Mother/Daughter Book Clubs. “The only one that stuck was the Mother/Daughter Book Club, so we decided to do that year round. ” said Haberkorn.

     At the Book Club, you sit down and do a fun craft, and then you discuss the book with the other mothers and daughters. You usually get the book one month ahead of time to read at home with your mom or another important person in your life. The library will let you check out one copy to read and keep until the book club date. The Highlands Ranch Book Club meets in the even months of the year, so they do six meetings a year. The grades of girls that can participate are 4th Grade through 6th Grade. Haberkorn says she picks the books two ways, “I want a strong girl character so I look for books that have one of those and once a year we will do a staff survey to get their ideas as well. ”

      Emma Fisher, age 9, attended a recent Mother/Daughter Book Club in Highlands Ranch. When asked why she had come, she said “I thought it was fun doing a book club with my mom because she is in a book club and I just wanted to see what it was like. ” The next book for the Mother/Daughter Book Club is Each Little Bird That Sings, by Deborah Wiles, on Monday, October 29 at 6:30 p. m. Call the Highlands Ranch Library to sign up with your mom, if interested in coming.

     “Check with your local library about available Book Clubs. ” Haberkorn said. You can find more information at www. DouglasCountyLibraries. org or call 303-791-READ.