Mystery at Mary Todd Lincoln Middle School


The Mystery of the Missing Everything, by Ben H. Winters, is a mystery that will have you turning pages. In the hallway of Mary Todd Lincoln Middle school, there was a large shiny trophy, the first won in all history of the school. One day the trophy is gone. When Principal Van Vreeland threatens that unless the trophy is returned, the school will have one week worth of nothing but quizzes (1,000 in all) and cancel the 8th graders long awaited trip to Taproot valley, the kids will do anything to get their trip back. Bethesda Fielding, a quirky 8th grader and amateur detective, makes a vow to find the trophy, but time is ticking and the 8th graders are searching everywhere for clues. I recommend this book for kids ages 9-12. I like the way this book is set out because readers can solve the mystery along with Bethesda. This is a sequel to the book The Secret Life of Ms. Finkleman but is very easy to follow along even if you haven’t read that book. I think Ben H. Winters is a great author who has also written Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Android Karenina, Bed Bugs, and many other great books. So help Bethesda solve this mystery, or you’ll face the week of a thousand quizzes…