Secrets from the Sleeping Bag


     “Secrets from the Sleeping Bag: A Blogtastic! Novel,” by Rose Cooper, is about a girl named Sofia Becker who loves blogging and camping. This summer Sofia’s parents are forcing her to go to summer camp at Camp Krakatow because she has a new baby sister. They don’t want her to be bored all summer long so summer camp is their answer for a month!

     Sofia doesn’t want to go to camp because she can’t leave her blogging journal and computer behind for that long. But, the good news is that her best friend, Nona Bows, gets to go to with her to camp. The only way she can get Nona to go to camp with her is to promise there would be lots of cute boys there!

     My favorite character in the book is Sofia because she plays a lot of pranks that are really hilarious. My favorite prank is when she puts baby powder in the hair dryer! If you want to read about more funny pranks like this, then you should read this book.

     I give this book three out of five stars because it talked a lot about blogging and that’s not the most interesting subject for me. I would recommend it for ages 9 and up. I do think kids who like to blog would really like this novel.