Magic is in the Air!


 Catherynne Valente's second book in the  Fairyland series is here.

 Catherynne Valente's second book in the  Fairyland series is here.  It is called The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There.  The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making  is the first in the series.  It tells about a girl named September who gets taken to Fairyland.  She meets many friends along the way as she goes on exciting adventures in search for the Marquess, the hated Queen of Fairyland.  The second book is just as breathtakingly detailed.  In this story, September returns to Fairyland finding that all is not well.  Everyone's shadow in Fairyland is being stolen and taken to Fairyland-Below.  September and her friends' shadows go on thrilling quests in order to save Fairyland.  These two fantasy-filled stories are action-packed and impossible to put down.

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Catherynne at The Tattered Cover book store.  I asked Catherynne if she has her story laid out before she begins writing or if she write as she goes.  For her adults books, she writes as she goes.  For her Fairyland books, she said that the story is "tightly plotted" so she knows the ending before she begins writing.

The most interesting answer she gave me was when she told me that as a student she was "disorganized," and lost her homework often.  On the other hand, she was "passionate" about learning.  

I was curious to know who encouraged her to pursue her love of writing.  She said that her Mom used to buy her fairy tale books whenever she saw one and her Grandma read The Bible to her in the daytime and Arabian Nights at night.  She also had a teacher in college who told her she could make it as a writer.  

After the interview, Catherynne read the first chapter from the second Fairyland book.  Everyone listened intently, taking in the wondrous details of the story.  The words flowed together, painting a perfect picture in my head.  When she finished reading, she signed books for her delighted audience.

If you decide to read the Fairyland series,  I would suggest reading the first book first because the story will make more sense.  Catherynne Valente has taken me into the world of Fairyland with her eloquent and vivid language that only some stories have.