Going on a Ghost Walk!




Guess what I did last Sunday? I walked around a cemetery and watched dead people talk about their lives. (They weren't the actual dead people. Just actors.) It sounds scary, but really, it's just a great way to learn more about Boulder history!


         Every other year, the Boulder Historic Society holds a program called Meet The Spirits at the Columbia Cemetery. Volunteers dressed up in period costumes stand by famous Boulder citizens tombstones and talk about their lives. There was over 30 tombstones to visit! The "spirits" included Mary Rippon, Hanna Barker, Lew "Indian Jack" Wallace, Tom Horn and David Nichols. All were influential people who helped shape the city of Boulder.


         Besides the "spirits" presentations, there was other neat things to do at the noon to five event. These include: Vintage cars and hearses to look into, musicians, books about the famous people to buy, and presentations by a real Ghost Hunter! The price to get in was five dollars for kids and fifteen for adults. All the funds raised supplement the money that the Boulder Historic Society gets from SHF (Scientific Historical Fund) grants.


         The first "Meet the Spirits" was conducted in 1986 and it has been happening every other year since then. Many of the actors were people very involved in the Boulder community such as Susan Osborne, former Boulder Mayor, played Hanna Barker, and George Epp, former Boulder County Sheriff, played Ephraim Pound. Though it may sound creepy, Meet the Spirits is a great way to learn about Boulder history. So when the program comes around again in 2014, make sure to see if your family can go!