Walk to End Alzheimer’s




On September 15, my whole family packed into a mini van and drove to Denver. Why? To go to an Alzheimer's Walk. (My Grandpa has Alzheimer's, so we went to support him.) Alzheimer's walks are great ways to bond with your family and support family members with this aliment. The walk in Denver was in City Park. It was a 5k and you could walk it or run it. It looped around a beautiful pond. The walk was fairly short, so older people and toddlers could manage it. Benches were all around the path in case someone got tired.


         The coolest thing about Alzheimer's walks is the flowers. Every person who comes gets a nylon pinwheel flower. At the walk I went to, you got a blue flower if you had Alzheimer's, purple was if you had lost someone to Alzheimer's, yellow was if you had someone in your family with Alzheimer's, and orange was if you worked for Alzheimer's agency. Every one carried their flowers throughout the walk. It was so beautiful, that moving garden of flowers!


         There was a festival near the start\end of the walk. The festival had food, games, and places to donate to the Alzheimer's cause. If you donated $100 or more, you got a t-shirt. The Alzheimer's support color is purple so everyone was wearing purple. Most people came with a team, ether from their work or their family. It was wonderful seeing all those people join together to support a worthy cause! If you have a family member with Alzheimer's, you should look into walks to go to. Imagine how great it would feel supporting this cause!