Bound For Snow



Have you ever wondered what it’s like to dogsled or snowboard? I always have, and in “Bound For Snow” by Alison Hart, I got to imagine how it felt. ”Bound For Snow” stars you! You are the one that makes the choices of how the story goes. First you’re watching Becca play her snowboarding video game while Amber is reading all sorts of books about dogsledding. Your mountain resort weekend is coming up in 2 days and you still don’t know what to do up there so you ask Becca and Amber what they’re doing. Becca is going snowboarding and Amber is going dogsledding, they both sound really fun, but what do you choose? At the bottom of the page you have two choices: either to go dogsledding with Amber or snowboarding with Becca. I chose snowboarding first because I thought it would be a good chance to learn about it.
On Saturday morning the van is getting loaded with girls from Innerstar University. You sit with your friends Paige and Emmy. Emmy is going snowboarding with you and Becca, while Paige is going cross country skiing . Once you arrive at the resort you, along with Emmy and Becca, head for the slopes. Becca taught you many things but after that long day of training you want a lesson because you still think you stink at snowboarding. When the day is all done you all head back to the cabin and grab something to eat and chill.

Even though I have read 5 endings out of the possible 20 I would recommend this book to ages 8 – 10 years old. This book has some complicated parts that might be hard to understand. Some of the complicated parts are that when they give you choices at the bottom of the pages, you have go to different pages in the book to find the ending you’ve chosen. Honestly, I did get bored in the book because I got tired from going page to page, but I know other kids may like it. What’s cool about the book is that after months you can go back and get a different ending and it’s like starting a whole new adventure again .


Christine Martin
Centennial Colorado.