The Crimson Shard-a time travel thriller!


If you're a person who loves adventure, The Crimson Shard is the book for you!

If you're a person who loves adventure, The Crimson Shard is the book for you! When two average 21st century kids get transported back in time to 1832 a wonderful story is in store!


         With great descriptions and in-depth characters, this time-travel thriller is certain to please! I've got to warn you though, this book is a sequel to The Blackhope Enigma. I read this book before that book and it was a little confusing because they often referred to the last book.


  When Sunni and Blaise are transported back in time through a painted door by their evil tour guide, (Thogmorton) a treacherous journey commences. They meet great allies as well as adversaries. An entertaining chase through a magician's show, a garden maze, the streets of London, and finally through the burning academy all helps reveal Thogmorton's true identity.


The main characters, Sunni and Blaise, have there own little problem going on even besides um, you know, being stuck 200 years back in time!!! They have been best friends since forever, but Sunni starts to fall for Blaise, and Blaise starts to fall for a mysterious but gorgeous girl they met during their time travels. All provides for a thought-provoking, carefully woven story.


         I thought this book was quite good, especially for a history buff like me! But, I do think that in parts, the book didn't make sense. Maybe this was just because the notion of time travel is difficult to wrap your head around. I felt a real connection to the characters because they were very courageous, but not in a inhuman way, like some adventure books characters are.


I recommend this book for people ten and up. If you read this book and enjoyed it, the next book in the series, The Shadow Lantern, comes out in July 2013!