The Heron is back!


A choice, the choice to save your allies, or catch your prey.

A choice, the choice to save your allies, or catch your prey. Hal and his Herons made the split second choice to save Svengal and the crew of Wolfwind, and the treasure slipped through their fingers, weeks of effort lost. But with their never failing perseverance, the Heron (Hal’s ship) and its crew is back, hot on the trail of Skandia’s most prized treasure, the Andomal. This sets the stage for the third of John Flanagan’s Brotherband Chronicles, The Hunters. The Herons have a powerful information source, one of the accomplices of the original thieves, that is, if they can get the information out of him. After finally convincing him to provide information they start down the Dan River to the pirate infested city of Raguza, seeking revenge and the Andomal.

During the trip down the Dan River chasing Zavac and his crew of the Raven, Hal and his crew – a thief, a dangerous yet stunningly beautiful girl, a short sighted giant, a grizzled sea wolf, a prankster, a knitter, identical twins(Ulf and Wulf, who knows which is which?), and a stocky first mate, they encounter many troubles. From riding down an (almost) vertical waterfall to escaping (with Lydia’s help) from the Bayrath jail and ending in an epic battle of the ships (10 men versus 50 odd men), it will always keep you on your toes. I particularly enjoyed the constant disagreements over Edvin’s knitting, where they went from sure it was girly to saying it was manly, or at least definitely not girly, in order to get one of his piping warm hats. I would recommend this series for 9 and up because it is violent although not gory. You could read this book on its own but you would understand it a lot better if you have read the first two books, The Outcasts and The Invaders.  If you read John Flanagan’s first series, The Rangers Apprentice and enjoyed it, you will immensely enjoy this final installment of the first major story arc in the Brotherband Chronicles.