The book," Snakes" by Nic Bishop is a book all about snakes.

     The book," Snakes" by Nic Bishop is a book all about snakes. This book is full of facts about snakes, there are many pictures of snakes, and there are also a few pictures of other animals with snakes. It would be great for animal reports for school, pictures of snakes, or just to read for fun, if you like snakes.

     I read most of this book to my five year cousin, Lucas (I read the entire book I just didn't read the entire thing to him), but my two year old little cousin, Ruby, didn’t even listen because she doesn’t like snakes. He had many questions about the snakes and facts, and most of them were very good questions. The book has good facts and pictures, but some of his questions could not be answered. Many of the questions had to do with facts about a certain kind of snake but did not have pictures that explained what they looked like. Such as the Reticulated Python of Asia, the black mamba snake of Africa, and the parrot snake.

     "Snakes" has only facts and pictures so I wouldn’t recommend this book for anyone under the age of seven because of some of the books graphics, and facts. This book would be best to read in segments because of it’s length. There are forty-five pages in this book.

     In conclusion this book is good for children that like snakes, are doing a report on snakes, or likes looking at pictures of real animals. This book would be best for children over the age of seven because this book has some graphics that might be disturbing and some facts that might keep them up at night.