A Circus Like No Other




Cirque Du Soliel is a circus like no other. Unlike most circuses, it doesn't have cheesy clowns or roaring lions. Instead, it is based solely off the strength of the human body. And that is why it is so incredible.


         The show I went to see was called Quidam. It was at the First Bank Center in Broomfield. One neat thing about Cirque Du Soliel is that every show tells a story. The story of Quidam is about a little girl named Zoë. It is a rainy day and she is quite bored. Her parents won't play with her. Suddenly, a mysterious, invisible man shows up on Zoë's porch. He drops his bowler hat and Zoë puts it on. She is then transported into the magical word of Cirque Du Soliel!


         On her journey, she meets The Target, a strange, eerie character in a spiky costume. Zoë also meets John, a half clown, half ringmaster in a purple suit and ridiculously spiky hairdo, and Boum Boum, a aggressive, yet sensitive and lonely man with huge boxing gloves. Zoë also sees many amazing performances, including aerial hoops, German wheel, hand balancing, skipping ropes, some hilarious scenes using people called from the audience and many more incredible feats!


         If you have not seen Cirque Du Soliel, you have to. I was practically stunned speechless after the two and a half hour show. Tickets to Quidam cost $35 and up, but the price may vary from show to show. Quidam will be performed November 14-18 in Loveland at the Budweiser Event Center as well as January 9-13 in Colorado Springs at the World Arena. If you can't go this year, the show AmaLuna will be coming to Denver summer 2013. Cirque Du Soleil is a hilarious, incredible, amazing show that is a absolute must-see for everyone!