Undertakers Take Care of the Undead


“The first casualty of any war is innocence” -Anonymous

“The first casualty of any war is innocence” -Anonymous

Do you enjoy the zombie genre? Do you love action books? If so, The Undertakers: Queen of the Dead by Ty Drago would be the perfect book for you to read! Ty Drago mixes zombie characters with the adventures of teens and children working together to fight them.

Will Ritter never believed that zombies were real, but when he saw a corpse in his neighbor’s house, he knew he had to make a run for it! He started to see them everywhere, but adults couldn’t see them. They are not slow, dumb zombies; they are fast, smart Corpses, and they are ready to take over the world! Will finds a group of teens called the Undertakers who are devoting their time and knowledge to make sure these Corpses are stopped. They are called the Undertakers because they “take care” of the dead.

When a new leader of the Corpses is introduced, the Undertakers are shocked! Will must take part in destroying the new leader. He must convince an FBI agent that the Corpses are real, stop a planned assassination, and get rid of this new leader. How will he do it?

I recommend this book to everyone who likes zombie genres and a little bit of violence. Kids ten to twelve would enjoy this book. Anyone under ten would be very scared, and anyone older will not be interested. It is the second book in the Undertakers series, and it has 419 pages. Reading the first book before this one would be very wise, otherwise everything will be very confusing. Undertakers: Queen of the Dead by Ty Drago is a great book for all action lovers!