Variant Ready to Escape


Variant by Robison Wells kept my heart pounding every chapter.

Variant by Robison Wells kept my heart pounding every chapter. This is a mystery novel that follows Benson Fisher, a seventeen year-old foster child, who enrolls in Maxfield Academy after he sees its brochure.

Maxfield is an enormous school in the center of a distant forest in New Mexico. When Benson arrives, he notices that this school is unlike others. There is a wide fence surrounding the school and video cameras posted everywhere! He realizes that he needs to escape because the school is run by kids. There are no adults.

Benson then is pressured to join a group, either the Society, Havoc, or Variant. The Society group follows all the rules and catches the rule breakers. Havoc bends the rules and they live on the edge. The Variants are the students who don’t really agree with either one. He decides to join the Variants. He also finds himself in the midst of many dangerous, physical fights because some of the other students are against his plans to escape. If someone breaks the rules at Maxfield Academy, it is a death sentence, and running away is against the rules. When he learns Maxfield’s dirty secret, his whole view of the school changes, and he must risk departing, even if it costs lives.

Kids eleven years and older who enjoy mystery, suspense, and a little bit of romance will like Variant by Robison Wells. It has 376 pages, and it is a quick read. Readers will look forward to the sequel, Feedback, where Benson’s adventures continue!