Club Penguin Gives Back


Looking to get involved this holiday season?

Looking to get involved this holiday season? Maybe you want to help the environment, volunteer for the RedCross, or help build safe houses but don't have enough time, money, or maybe you may not be old enough. Club Penguin's Coins for Change organization fixes all these problems.


You see, every year since 2007, penguins from all over Club Penguin have donated a portion of their virtual coins to go to the charity of their choice. They can either donate to; kids who are sick, making the environment a better place and/or kids in developing countries. For example, in 2009 Club Penguin donated $1,000,000 Canadian dollars to charitable projects around the world. Players also have donated over 12 billion virtual coins and filled Club Penguins lighthouse in 2010. Lane Merrifield said "Our players are always look for ways to make a difference and help others, and over the past five years they've embraced the opportunity to give through Coins for Change, it was exciting to see kids from 191 countries participate together.


While Coins for Change is going on, Club Penguin's annual holiday party is too! It goes from December 20 until January 2. So lots of time to get those coins in! At the holiday party, the whole island is decorated and filled with Christmas cheer! The famous Rockhopper is coming to the island, along with presents and activities on his ship for the penguins! Also, there will be special decorated rooms with fun roles for penguins to play! In years past, there has been Santa's sleigh where you can deliver presents into penguins' homes'. The has also been a place where you can get your picture taken with Santa himself! I believe that there will also be an igloo contest for members whose igloos are best decorated for Christmas! So there is no fear of getting bored with all of these other fascinating activities going on this month!


So if you are looking to make a difference this holiday season with fun involved, Club Penguin is definitely the place to go!