A Breathtaking film


Do you want to see something incredible without having to spend much? Cirque Du Soleil's Worlds Away is a must-see movie for you!

Do you want to see something incredible without having to spend much? Cirque Du Soleil's Worlds Away is a must-see movie for you! Worlds Away starts with a young girl going to a small town circus. A clown with a down turned face hands her a flyer. It has a young man on it and the words: The Aerialist. She goes into a big top tent. The Aerialist is performing. As he is making a jump, their eyes lock. He falls down, down, down- into a whirlpool of sand. The young girl goes in after him and they are both sucked down into the magical world of Cirque Du Soleil!


            Worlds Away is a great mix of different Cirque Du Soleil shows. It includes bits from Viva ELVIS, O, Ka, and Beatles LOVE. There was a good mix of upbeat, cheery tunes and serious, dramatic numbers. I saw Cirque Du Soleil live and it was great, but the movie had much more in depth sets and costumes, plus special effects. One of the advantages of seeing it live is the fact that you know for sure that it's real. In the movie, the combo of real things and special effects makes it hard to decipher what is actually real.


Also, the live Cirque Du Soleil show I saw had at least a few comic numbers, but the film was a bit  somber for my taste. A cool thing about seeing it in movie-format is that there are several slow motion sequences. It is really a visual treat to see such amazing acrobatics in slow motion.


If you have ever seen a Cirque Du Soleil show live, you might have had a hard time taking in everything. In Worlds Away, thanks to specific camera angles, you don't have to struggle to see it all. Cameras in every nook and cranny, from under water to the various characters' perspectives makes for a viewing experience where you can see and feel it all.  And if costumes really make the performance for you, Worlds Away will not disappoint. From scaly, amphibian-like suites, to colorful superhero outfits, to pirate-dressed aerialists, the wardrobes of the performers are almost as dazzling as the performances themselves. Almost.


With amazing acrobatics, synchronized swimming, trampoline jumping, gymnastics, dancing, and much, much more, Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away is truly a visual treat! Most people would enjoy this movie, but I recommend it for eight and up, due to some sequences that might scare younger viewers. If you want to experience the magic of Cirque Du Soleil, but for whatever reason, can't see it live, Worlds Away in 3D is exactly the film for you! So grab some friends, some popcorn, and your 3D glasses and  immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of cirque Du Soleil.