Have you ever been the new kid at school? Imagine being the new kid at school and born deformed. The book Wonder by R.J Palacio is about a boy named Auggie who is born very different. His eyes hang low, his cheeks are flat, and he has a tortoise mouth. Auggie has had numerous surgeries since he was born. Now, in fifth grade his parents have decided he should go to school. When he tours the school, with Jack Will, Charlotte, and Jullian, Jullian is whispering about Auggie's deformed face.

      Jack Will is Auggie's best friend until Auggie hears him saying that Jack doesn’t want to be friends with Auggie. Auggie then sits with a girl named Summer. Since Auggie's real name is August, they make a table for only people with summer names. If other people want to sit with them, they can sit there only if they are nice.

      Auggie has never slept away. His dad once drove him to Christopher’s house but Auggie couldn’t sleep so his dad had to pick him up. The school is having a Nature camp and Auggie has to go. Auggie is very scared to be away from his family for three days and two nights.

     This book is told from different peoples perspective. Not just about Auggie but about his family and friends. Justin, talks about liking Olivia, Auggie's older sister, and Miranda talks about her, Ella, and Olivia.

My favorite part is reading about Auggie and his family and friends. How Auggie survives his first year at school, and how friends become friends.

Everyone should read this book. It tells the reader how a deformed boy survives his first year in a new school after years of being home schooled and being in many surgeries. This book should be rated 10 out of 10. The author really focused on each important topic. If you are the new kid at school, this would be a great book to read.