Horrid Henry



                                                                               Horrid Henry's Monster Movie

Horrid Henry is always up to something horrid. In this book, Horrid Henry's Monster Movie, by Francesca Simon, which is one of many Horrid Henry tales, Henry has four new horrid adventures. He tries to make a movie to scare everyone and to show them he is a better movie producer than they are, he tricks his brother into giving him his "Grump Cards" (cards that get him out of being punished for bad behavior at home), he has a terrible weekend away from home, and he holds his own horrible Olympics with crazy events.


Henry's movie fails shortly after he begins filming because his actor, Peter, is horrible and is too scared to act out the "scary" part. Peter does not know how to act, Henry fires him, and there turns out to be no movie. Horrid Henry is out of luck.


Henry's other plans don't work out for him either. He is mean to his brother, he lies, he is disobedient, he is dishonest, and he likes to annoy people. He gets himself into trouble easily.


Over all I would give this book 1 star out of 5 because Henry is a brat. If you like reading about mean, rude behavior, you will LOVE this book because that is how Henry behaves. Just because I didn't enjoy reading Horrid Henry's Monster Movie, doesn't mean you won't. The Sunday Times said that this book "makes you laugh out loud." If you decide to read this book, I hope you like it better then I did.