Gordon Korman, Author Extraordinaire


When Gordon was a little boy, he wanted to grow up to be a dog or an engineer.

When Gordon was a little boy, he wanted to grow up to be a dog or an engineer. “So how,” you ask, “did he end up as a published author, writing popular books for kids?” The answer is this. It all started with a seventh grade English project. There was a lack of English teachers that year, so Gordon’s track and field coach was given the job of teaching seventh grade English. As you can imagine, he was at a loss when trying to teach the kids, so they were given the rest of the year to write a story. Gordon really got into the writing, and at the end of the year, he sent his book to Scholastic to be reviewed. This became his first book, “This Can’t be Happening at MacDonald Hall.” Thirty-seven years later, he has published seventy-nine works of fiction for kids.


In school, kids are always forced to read depressing books about dogs that die, people that die, or if it’s a really good book, both. Gordon’s books give kids a break from all the dead dogs, and let them have a good fun read for a change. Gordon’s books are full of adventure, humor, and characters that kids can relate to. a fan of Gordon’s works, Carl Giese, says that he loves Gordon’s book Framed, because it is full of humor and adventure. Gordon’s books are written for kids in 5th-8th grades. His stories, filled with talking dogs, happy endings, and plenty of suspense. In response to the question, What are crucial elements of a good story? Gordon replied, “In my opinion, there are no hard and fast criteria for a good story except that it should be a page-turner. If you are continually dying to find out what happens next, the author has done his job.”


Gordon also gave some advice to kids who want to write books someday. He says that you should make writing a part of your life, and do it frequently. Gordon states that important characteristics of a good writer are self-motivation, creativity, and the ability to do research in order to add a realistic element to your stories.


Gordon is an extremely interesting person with great books and a love of writing, and he encourages child writers to keep up the good work and always stay determined.