Alan Katz- Seriously Silly!


         The only way to describe Alan Katz is how he himself puts it: seriously silly!

         The only way to describe Alan Katz is how he himself puts it: seriously silly! If you read any of Katz's books, you will be sure to giggle. But if you see Katz himself speak, you will be rolling on the floor with laughter! Katz's books are often gross, funny, and poetic at the same time.

"I want to make people laugh!" Katz says. Well, he's met his goal because whether it's poetry, songbooks, or short novels, Katz's unique writing style is sure to make you giggle and guffaw!


"I wanted to be a writer from the first minute someone put a pencil in my hand!" Katz says. His parents, though unappreciative of his goal, bought him lots and lots of books. Katz jokes that, as a child, he wasn't the class clown, but he did write jokes for the class clown! In high school, Katz began to actually sell his jokes to stand-up comedians. Soon, he was writing commercials, T.V. shows, trading cards, and comics. Finally, he decided to try something new, writing a book! Take me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs was the product of his endeavor. Published 11 years ago, Katz's daughter inspired him to write this silly, silly songbook. It's illustrator, David Catrow, has illustrated many other of Katz's works. A parody book to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and other songs, this book won the Colorado Children's Book Award in 2004. Now, Katz is the author of numerous songbooks, poetry books, and picture books, and short chapter books for kids.


Katz's inspiration and first readers are his four kids. Even though Katz's books are silly, sometimes gross, and completely untrue; he doesn't worry this genre is all his kids will read because his wife, Rose, is a journalist, reporting hard, cold facts.

"She uses the same 26 letters of the alphabet to write about politics that I use to write fart jokes!" Katz laughs about their different writing styles. He tells writers that no matter if you're writing silly or serious, you need to be specific. As for Katz's favorite book?

"My blank notebook." Katz says, "The only sad thing about a blank piece of paper is that no one has put their imagination on it yet."


So if you don't mind a bit of bathroom humor and are looking for a quick, fun read, pick up one of Alan Katz's books. It's sure to have you in stitches by the end and it might even inspire you to pick up your own blank piece of paper and scrawl your imagination out onto it!