Where am I?


The “GPS Adventure” at the Wildlife Experience is basically an indoor maze in which you must go through to find the four stops along the maze and collect stamps on your “adventure card”. On the way you learn facts about GPS satellites, devices, and geocaching. At each stop you first arrive in a room that gives you instructions to find a four digit number code that will open the door and take you to a room that is filled with GPS facts and lets you continue on to the next stop. The exhibit “GPS Adventure” travels to lots of different places and has been around for four years. An example of geocaching, it is guided towards children 6-12, but attracts people of all ages. The exhibit tries to educate the audience about the history of GPS Devices and satellites, geocaching, and how to be prepared outdoors.

A GPS device uses satellites and coordinates (longitude and latitude) to determine where you are and help you navigate your way to finding treasure. You can either use a GPS unit or use an app on your smart phone. Geocaching is an outdoor activity using high-tech GPS devices to find a hidden treasure someone has set up. However this is not I found it I keep it. No. You trade a small toy, item, or use a special tracking ”bugs” to see where others go when you take out an item.

At the exhibit I got to interview Jeremy Irish the president of Groundspeak who helped create a way to share geocaches through the internet (geocaching.com). If you’re thinking that you must go for a long car drive for this exciting adventure, you’re wrong. You can go geocaching in the mountains, but Irish claims that really the best place to start your geocaching adventures is your local park. Most parks have a small cache hidden just waiting to be discovered. Here is a list of things to bring when geocaching:
• Smart Phone with geocaching app or GPS
• Wear good clothes for the outdoors
• Pencil/Pen
• Items to trade

Another cool aspect of this exhibit is that there are four geocaches outside of the Wildlife Experience where you can test your new skills and you don’t need to trade anything you just sign the logbook. Overall, the event is fun and a good family adventure for everyone.

More Information:
• WWW.geocaching.com
• http://thewildlifeexperience.org/