Magic+Suspense=The Seven Swords


   “The Seven Swords” by Nils Johnson-Shelton is a medium sized 300-page novel that is difficult to put down.

   “The Seven Swords” by Nils Johnson-Shelton is a medium sized 300-page novel that is difficult to put down. At the end of this unique novel, the reader will be begging for the next book. This sequel to “The Invisible Tower” makes one ask questions left to right where you'll be unsure what's going to happen at points.




   In the last book, Arthur Kingfisher and Kay Kingfisher had a pretty normal life of playing video gams, going to school, and pretty much everything an average kid’s life has. One day, they went to a video game tournament where Kay was competing. Arthur looked into bag, and there was one problem: Kay’s lucky controller was forgotten at home. A few days previously Arthur had gotten a message from a strange person in a video game. It said, “Arthur- In one week’s time you will come to me at the Invisible Tower. You are special, Arthur, and I have need of your service and power. Your Humble Servant, M” Since Kay was still in need of a controller Arthur was sent to a store called the Invisible Tower to track one down. Arthur learns that he is the second king Arthur and his servant M is Merlin.  But there is only one problem; Merlin is trapped by a witch called Morgaine and needs to get out of the Invisible Tower. Their video game had become real! They made a deal, if Arthur helps get him out, he helps Arthur find The Seven Swords so he can regain his throne.




   In the second book, Merlin is freed and Arthur continues his quest for the seven swords with his platoon of knights by his side while trying to save Qwon, his kidnapped friend, from Morgaine. They continue to find the swords one after one hurdling obstacles like dragons all leading up to one final, epic battle of magic.




   This book was very clear cut and the author demonstrated ingenious techniques, helping the reader envision the story like he/she was there. This book is for readers 9 and up because of the content and some confusing words. This is the second book in the Otherworld Chronicles and there’s a new one coming out soon. This novel was suspenseful, magical, and medieval at the same time. Great book!