Pasty, Bloodthirsty Fifteen Year Old Forever… Definately Not Fun


Xanthe Jane Greene, the fifteen year old main character in Helen Keeble's “Fang Girl,” always thought the idea of vampires was awesome. They are strong, sexy and young forever. But she never thought they actually existed… that is until she wakes up in a coffin six feet underground. Mentally checking off her vampire inventory – coffin, thirst, not breathing… fangs – she quickly figures out she is a fiction vampire come to life.


And now she's going to be fifteen forever. Wonderful.


Xanthe is juggling the facts that her parents want to become vamps, her brother thinks she's a zombie, she has a psychotic vampire sire and she's being hunted by an undead Elder. Oh, and she can't figure out if the super hot, super muscular vampire hunter wants to kill her….or kiss her. None of her fanfics prepared her for any of this!


“Fang Girl” kept me intrigued the whole time I was holding it. I reread it about three times in four days. I just couldn't get enough! The constant banter of love, death and surprise kept my eyes glued to the pages from the time I picked the book up to the time I was forced to put it down. While reading, I would suddenly gasp or laugh out loud more than once, and I’m pretty sure by the end of the book people actually thought I was crazy. If I’m into a book completely, nothing else matters. “Fang Girl” was definitely one of those books that if I started reading, I would block out the rest of the world. Maybe that's why I loved it so much! Besides that though, Helen Keeble did an amazing job with developing characters and adding modern (and hilarious) touches into the best part of the novel.


I would definitely recommend “Fang Girl” to anyone over the age of twelve who likes fiction, especially vampire fiction, and who likes humor and romance. There's a little piece of something for every reader. This was absolutely a wonderful and well written book!!