Regarding the Fountain


      “Regarding the Fountain” by Kate Klise is an outstanding book.

      “Regarding the Fountain” by Kate Klise is an outstanding book. It starts with the creek mysteriously drying up and a school being built on top of it. Dry Creek Middle School’s fountain is leaking and Principle Russ calls Florance Waters, a designer and builder of fountains. Mr. Sam N.’s fifth grade class is sending her creative ideas about what they want her to involve in the fountain. The class is also investigating the Dry Creek mystery to find out that Dee Eel and Sally Mander made their fountain above the creek to block its flow so people would pay them for water.
      “Regarding the Fountain” is written in an interesting and unusual way. The book is full of letters, articles, and amusing memos from different people who got involved in the project of building the new fountain. The names of the characters are all related to water, for example, Sally Mander sounds like salamander or Dee Eel is used as a pun in his advertisements.
      I would recommend the book “Regarding the Fountain” to everyone who loves an unusual way of telling a splendid mysterious story and wit humor. Try to read between the lines and unveil all the hidden messages and meanings. I really enjoyed this book!