Young Scientists Charged up at Science Olympiad!




Science Olympians competed in the Southern Regional Tournament at University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. Science Olympiad is a club where science fanatics come together to compete in several categories for their school. Elementary, middle, and high school students can all be part of this event (if their school participates).  Students prepare for the competition in Science Olympiad club and then compete in up to 46 events involving building (e.g., helicopters, egg drop contraptions, musical instruments, etc.) and test taking (i.e., meteorology, heredity, anatomy, etc.) events.  Winning teams with the highest scores were chosen to compete in the State competition in April at the Colorado School of Mines. This event was made extra fun and energized with live band music.  Students gathered together in the gym before the awards ceremony and danced together to celebrate their hard work and team effort.  Science Olympiad not only introduces you to so many areas of science that you might not be familiar with but might also spark an area of interest and innovation that never occurred to you!  Science Olympiad is a great experience where you can learn lots and have a great time as well.