The Croods: Great Family Fun




   The Croods is a great family movie, perfect for kids six and up.  This entertaining movie not only has humor, but dinosaurs and adventure too. The 3-D effects were so realistic young children were reaching out to try to catch pieces of digital ash and then shrinking back when a huge dinosaur came into view. Rated PG, this movie would be entertaining for the whole family to see on a rainy afternoon.


   When Eep daughter of the Crood's cave family (Played by Emma Stone, who was also in The Help and Zombieland) discovers a weird Neanderthal named "Guy" who says the world is going to end, the Crood's simple life is destroyed. Their safe, comfortable cave is demolished by a rockslide and their family has to move out towards "The Mountain", their only chance of survival from the end. One of the things I liked about this funny movie was that it went from a simple cave, to a hilarious, but adventurous quest to the mountain. This movie includes the toddler's love of dinosaurs with the six to seven year olds desire for adventure. Any small child will love this film and want to see it numerous times leaving them with the message, "Get out, explore, and have a blast!" The Croods will come out on March 22 and it is sure to be a big hit.