Duck Tape?


McGuckin Hardware store in Boulder provides many handy tools for people, as well as workshops. This past Saturday they had Ryan Lorek’s first Duck tape class. Lorek demonstrated how to make Duck tape wallets and roses as well as displayed some of his own creations such as hats, vest, bags etc. all made out the sturdiest type of tape, Duck tape.

Ryan Lorek says he does the classes to inform children on these really cool crafts. He thinks that the best way to use Duck tape is to make a wallet. One of the great features of making things out of Duck tape is that it can withstand some water, unlike other tapes.

I’d say that over all, these are good educational classes, but are definitely not something to plan your whole day around. It’s more of a “hey I’m at McGuckin Hardware and I think I’ll look at this cool Duck tape demonstration” type of thing. Otherwise, I would highly recommend these classes to anyone one who loves to craft.

Oh, and one last thing: I also learned that Duck tape is a brand. You really spell Duck tape Duct tape.