Everything You Want to Know (and more!) About the Emancipation Proclamation


         Almost every kid over eight years old probably knows something about the Emancipation Proclam

         Almost every kid over eight years old probably knows something about the Emancipation Proclamation or has at least heard of it. Some kids might even know more, if their a history buff! But if you want to know everything (and I mean everything!) there is to know about this history-changing document, the book Emancipation Proclamation; Lincoln and the Dawn of Liberty is the book for you!


         Although this book contains some interesting information, it is a bit choppy and confusing. Most pages contain quotes, photographs, and long captions, plus the normal text. How all these items were arranged often confused me, as I didn't know where to start reading. Also, I have read more engaging nonfiction. This book had lots of fascinating facts, but they were not presented in a very interesting form. The cold, hard facts were presented as just that, cold and hard, with no stories to cushion them. An excerpt from page 34 of the book is: " …this was the peninsula's Fort Monroe, where three black men sought sanctuary on May 23…". I believe that this excerpt, as well as others, could have been turned into a story of sorts. Maybe then the book could have been more easily read and understood by kids and teens.


         Despite its flaws, I am glad I read this book. I now know more than I could ever want to about Lincoln's struggle to abolish slavery! Providing unique, behind the scenes looks at Lincoln and other political figures of the times opinions of slavery, this book revealed lots of little-know facts. Who knew that a slavery-promoting 13th amendment was almost passed, just a few years before Lincoln's 13th amendment abolished slavery? This book also includes short bios and photographs of little-know heroes of the Civil War era, like Anna E. Dickinson, a motivational speaker who made her debut at just seventeen years of age.


         If your school history class just isn't cutting it fact-wise, get yourself a copy of this book. By the time you've read all 104 pages of it, you will know enough about Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation to last yourself a lifetime!