Racquetball Can Be A Lot More Than Just a Sport


For 2 high school seniors Racquetball is everything for them.

For 2 high school seniors Racquetball is everything for them. “Racquetball is the story of my life, without it I would not be the person I am today.” Said Adam Manilla.” Racquetball is like a lifestyle.”Nick Riffel told me. Adam has been playing racquetball for 10 years and started when he was 8. And Nick started Racquetball when he was 10 and has been playing for 8 years. Playing for this long has definitely proved itself! Adam is ranked 6 in Colorado and Nick is ranked 7. Adam has also been a part of the National Junior U.S.A team and is the National Junior Champion. Adam is inspired by his father and his coach Woody Clause, a highly ranked Racquetball player. For Nick, his inspiration to play Racquetball is his mother.
So how exactly do these 2 juggle schoolwork as seniors and Racquetball? “It is hard work.” Nick Riffel explained to me. They both are squeezing in time for Racquetball on top of all their other school work. Sometimes they will come home and realize that they have a project to do. Other times they will have to skip practicing Racquetball because of their schoolwork. For Nick, if he does not get good grades he has to drop Racquetball.
A huge part of any sport is the tournaments. And for all athletes tournament equals hard work, preparation, and a healthy food base. Adam and Nick say that you should drink a lot of water and eat lots of protein.
So what are the tricks behind playing Racquetball? “Just go out there and have fun.” Adam told me. Nick said, “At first it is going to be frustrating, you will be running a lot and you will see other people who are better than you but are not running as much and you will have to realize it takes time to get better.”
While Adam and Nick both enjoy playing Racquetball, but what Adam especially likes is the connection he gets from Racquetball. From what I learned from these 2 Racquetball players is that Racquetball teaches you hard work, dedication, discipline, and independence.
To see Adam and Nick in action, visit the Denver Athletic Club in Downtown Denver to see the Mile High Pro/Am Tournament that is being held from March 21st – 24th.