“A Mix of Modern Adventure and Ancient Secrets”


Only three weeks since release, and this book is still bestselling author of New York Times!

Only three weeks since release, and this book is still bestselling author of New York Times! Peter Lerangis is the author of more than 160 books, which have sold more than four million copies, including the first book in his new series Seven Wonders “The Colossus Rises”.


“What makes a good story is what something you don’t say, something that keeps readers wanting to know more,” says Lerangis.


Until the point when Jack McKinley found out he was going to die in a few months of time and nothing could prevent his death, he considered himself ordinary. One normal morning, Jack wakes up to find an upside down “V” at the back of his head.


“The civilization of Atlantis, getting together of the seven pieces to get them to work, thinking about what each of them is going to be like, and then tying it to the ancient world were the major challenges in writing this book.”


After his new discovery, Jack has the entire zoo in his stomach because of his math test that day. All of a sudden, Jack has an accident and the next thing he knows, he lands himself in the Karai Institute (KI).


“When you’re writing fiction, you’re allowed to dream your own ideas.”


That’s when the trouble starts with Jack McKinley as he soon discovers that he isn’t the only one who’s going to die. With his new friends, Aly the geek, Marco the athlete, and Cass who says everything sdrowkcab (backwards!).


“Jack is always the one who is the hero of the day without even realizing it. Everyone counts on him.”


Jack and his three friends soon find themselves on the island of Atlantis; in the world of the loculi. The loculi are remains of a lost civilization that haven’t been seen in many centuries.


“Reading other author’s books, films, magazines, etc. also gives me inspiration/information even if it doesn’t influence my book(s).”


Jack needs to find seven magic loculi (thus, the Seven Wonders), that has the power to cure him and his friends. The Seven Wonders are hidden in different parts of the ancient world.


“Enjoy books, enjoy reading, and never ever stop reading,” is the message that Lerangis gives to young writers.


Peter Lerangis majored in Bio-chemistry and loves to read and write science fiction and became a Broadway musical theater actor after college and currently likes to sing.


“What do I do in my free time? Eat chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate,” Lerangis says with a smile.