The Bygone Spelling Bee of March 16


“Ding!” A bell sounds, ringing throughout the room.

“Ding!” A bell sounds, ringing throughout the room. The audience claps noisily as yet another disappointed student exited the stage, now knowing that they will not be what every Colorado speller hopes to be in 2013: the champion of the 73rd annual Colorado State Spelling Bee.
 I was one of these spellers. After a month of intense studying, I had learned about 2,000 words, only to be knocked out by the only word that I did not know in that round: bygones. I had spelled it bigons. After a while, though, I got over the disappointment. After all, I had tied for 26th place.
My brother, Abe Lamontagne, also qualified for the event. We both passed the morning’s 50-word written test that was full of difficult words such as premonition, aggrandizement, rococo, and Botticellian. Two spellers scored 100% on that test, but I missed twelve words, and Abe missed eleven. However, as the cutoff was missing twelve words or less, we both made it in to the oral rounds. My brother was eventually eliminated from the bee on the word “hereditament” and tied for 4th place.