Treasure on Superstition Mountain is a Treasure


     Treasure on Superstition Mountain by Elise Broach is a real page-turner.

     Treasure on Superstition Mountain by Elise Broach is a real page-turner. This second book in the Superstition Mountain series has nearly all the same characters as the first book. The story begins with the Barker boys, Simon, Henry, and Jack researching the Lost Dutchman’s Mine and the hidden canyon that Henry found in the first book.

The boys investigate Jacob Waltz, who first discovered the mine, and his caretaker, Julia Thomas, who took care of him in his old age. When they are reading about his discovery, they realize that Julia Thomas had lived in the gold mining town of Gold Creek, which is near their town of Superstition. The boys decide to go without their friend Delilah, who was injured in their first adventure.

All they find in Gold Creek is a ledger with all the people who stayed in the town’s hotel. In that time they also find out that Julia was given Jacob’s map to the mine right before he died. The boys and Delilah, who is not going to be left behind again, decide to go back up the mountain and look for the gold. Thankfully, this time they will be guided by directions they found. Will they make it up the mountain unharmed and find gold or will somebody get hurt which will force them to turn back?

I recommend this book for ages 8 and up because younger kids might get scared. This was an exciting book which will entertain most ages and readers of both genders. The element of the mystery in here adds a nice touch to the suspense and ideas the boys and girl come up with throughout the book. All of the characters were interesting with each of their quirks. Henry was verbose, Simon had to control everything, Jack was creative, and Delilah was determined. You should read the first book in the series, Missing on Superstition Mountain, before you read this one otherwise you could be confused. Overall I give this book 9 out of 10 stars.