A Box of Gargoyles


        “ Trouble doesn’t always start with a sudden sense of well-being and the smell of warm chocolate croissants-but then again

        “ Trouble doesn’t always start with a sudden sense of well-being and the smell of warm chocolate croissants-but then again sometimes it does”, and that is exactly what happens in the book “A Box of Gargoyles” by Anne Nesbet. Maya, a 13 year old girl, moved from California to Paris because her father, Mr. Davidson, took the laboratory job that he was offered. Strange things start to happen in the city. For example, a tree begins to grow leaves in the middle of December, an antenna shreds up into ribbons, and a cold winter wind writes Maya’s name by the wall with black sand! No one knows that this all happened because Maya touched a wall that had just been blown apart by the dark magic in Paris. From that very moment a shadow that was made of leaves and dust started to follow Maya everywhere turning her life upside down.
         Long ago a little boy was transformed into a shadow made of leaves and dust and ever since Henry de Fourcroy had waited for someone to take his place and make him whole again like he once was.  Henry wrote a letter about how to break the spell. Only Maya can read it because she has a piece of glass that she got from the Cabinet of Earths that works like a magnifying glass.
         Everything started to make sense on Maya’s birthday when two talking stone gargoyles laid a mystical stone egg near her bedroom window. That egg held all the happy memories of when Henry was a little boy. Along with some birthday cards Maya picked up a large green envelope; inside was Henry’s letter written on a magic paper. Even her little brother’s present, a compass, had a special meaning. Later, it will lead Maya to a rock that was shaped like a dinosaur. Buried under the rock was a metal box that had Henry’s things from the time when he was a little boy.
        Step by step, Maya understands that Henry de Fourcroy wants to use her to make him whole again, even if it kills Maya. She doesn’t want to be bound, be followed, or turned into a shadow so she tries to take control of the shadow man and make him disappear forever. If you would like to find out more about Maya’s adventures, you have to read the book. I don’t want to tell you everything and spoil your joy of reading.
         “A Box of Gargoyles” by Anne Nesbet is the second book in the   sequel that continues Maya’s adventures in Paris and her fight with the shadow man.  But you don’t really have to read the first book, “The Cabinet of Earths”, to understand what’s going on in the second one. The author is doing a great job making things clear for anyone who decided to read “A Box of Gargoyles”.  
        I really enjoyed this book because it has a suspenseful mystery and you once you start reading you can’t put it down. Everything is happening in Paris and that gives the book a special charm. If you want to learn French, this author includes fancy French words and phrases. The book is quite big (more than three hundred pages), but I read it in one gulp. I think “A Box of Gargoyles” would be a delightful book for children who love intriguing turns in the story and unpredictable adventure.