Eye-Popping and Mind-Boggling


         Just like the cover proclaims, The Book of Impossible Objects is sure to pop your eyes

         Just like the cover proclaims, The Book of Impossible Objects is sure to pop your eyes and twist your thinking. A Klutz activity pack, this book includes 25 mind-bending illusions as well as a book that explains them. But, while some illusions are just as cool or cooler than the book says, others failed to amaze me.


         While reading this book (and making the crafts), I found several cool illusions that I tried out on my family. One hit was the "Crazy Sign", a small sign that came with the book. In turning it certain directions, you can actually fool people that their sense of direction is messed up! Another fun one was the "Spin Zone" tops. With one base and different colored covers to put on it, this simple trick is baffling. Trying to guess which color the top will be when spinning is impossible! The coolest illusion was called the "Paper Clip Grip". It consisted of attaching two paper clips to a folded dollar bill. When you pulled on the bill, the paper clips were linked together! Good luck to anyone trying to figure out how that magic works!


         Other illusions weren't so impressive, such as the "Weird Wobblestone". The little red stone (which was actually plastic) was  suppose to act as if "it had a mind of its own" when you tapped it. Actually, the thing just spun around, then fell over when tapped. As for the "Tri-Zonal Space Warper", I couldn't even figure out what the trick was suppose to do!


         Despite a few failed tricks, the book was a load of fun. Who knows, maybe the mess-ups weren't even the books fault after all! Maybe I just wasn't meant to be a magician! But, if you have dreams of being one or even just want to freak out your friends and family a bit, pick up this book. It will ensure hours of entertaining crafts and mind-boggling illusions!