The Ultra Violets by Sophie Bell


Meet the Ultra Violets: Iris, Cheri, Scarlet, and Opal (Opaline), who used to be best friends a long time ago.

Meet the Ultra Violets: Iris, Cheri, Scarlet, and Opal (Opaline), who used to be best friends a long time ago. During one sleepover Iris broke a beaker which contained their babysitter Candace’s Advanced Chemistry Homework all over these four girls with one abnormally high karate kick. They all brushed it off but, little did they know that the beaker Iris spilled over them was Heliotropium, a liquefied post-atomic hybrid particle capable of altering any bio-organism on earth!


Shortly thereafter, they forgot about the incident and about each other as well. Iris’s family moved away so her mom could be a part of NASA. Opal’s mom switches jobs and sends Opal to an all-girls’ academy. Scarlet and Cheri soon had so much going on that they parted ways as well. When Iris’s mom finds out she has claustrophobia she brings her family back and the girls find out that Opal moved back as well.


But, here is the catch; the Heliotropium affects some people in more noticeable ways. So, because of the Heliotropium incident Iris now has violet colored hair.
Throughout the story the girls start to develop powers and learn to control them. But, no superhero story is complete without a villain and you’ll never guess who turns out to be the villain.


The villain finds out that there is a super-secret mutant factory and tries to do experiments on the mutants.
The author, Sophie Bell made a unique way of having the girls become superheroes. I really liked her characters in the story. The characters made the story a lot more fun and interesting.


But, I did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would overall. The author gives away what will happen and the story was just too predictable.


This book was really confusing as well. At the beginning of the book the author explains some minor details but never gets to the major things the reader is really curious about. Without giving away details, something happens to one of the Ultra Violets in a certain way but the author never explains why this happens. It feels like the author just expects you to be able to understand everything without any explanation.


The author could have brought this book to justice by having a stronger plot with more explanation.