Friendship: An Everlasting Bond


 "Allright, allright! Now, its my turn!

 "Allright, allright! Now, its my turn! Piper, I dare you to go into that dingy, abandoned house on the corner and stay in there for a whole hour!" squealed Celia Parkinson, as she sat on the smooth satin sheets on her perfect bed.
"Fine, but I am only going in that dark, dirty place if you all come with me," Piper said with a smirk. The four best friends had been sitting on Celia's bed, in her room. They were playing a disastrous game of Truth or Dare and now the bright, warm California sunshine was caressine girls' faces as they hiked up the large hill, to the abandoned house up ahead.
"You guys do know that this place is supposed to be haunted. Legend has it that Old Man Crumber used to live in it and he ran out of money. He had to resort to eating his wife, children, animals, and then he finally killed HIMSELF!" Piper yelled the last word and the girls cried out in terror as the story flooded their minds again.
The girls arrived at the front of the house and drew in a dull, raspy breath as they opened the wooden door and a burst of stale air floated out. This house had been abandoned for about 20 years and the local construction company had still not had the decency to tear that old thing down. The girls gradually fell into a line as they walked into the house, Celia first, then Jackie, then Delilah, and finally Piper. As soon as the girls stepped into the living room of the old house, they could feel a bitter cold breeze flowing through them and chilled them all the way down to the marrow in their bones.
"Guys, this is really creepy! I think we should abandoned the dare," Celia whispered to her friends. Piper, being the bravest member of the crew, was never scared, but she sprinted the fastest as they ran out of the house and into the sunshine.
"This was a great day and all, but I think I am going to mosey on home. It's getting really late and the sun is setting," gasped Jackie,failing to the ground, her lungs aching for air.
"Me too!" said Celia and Delilah with gusteau. Oddly enough, Piper did not agree with girls a they began to trot down the hill. Piper silently followed behind the group as Celia hustled into her house, Jackie ran into her home for a steaming, hot meal, and finally Delilah sprinted into her house because she was late to dinner. Piper kept walking until she reached Bangleman's Bakery, rummaged in the trash until she found a half eaten piece of pie, devoured it as fast as humanly possible, and curled up against the dumpster, immediately falling into a deep sleep.

"Girls, girls!" Celia began screaming as we were walking down the street to her house. "I need your help, I have lost my prized necklace that my mom gave me! It is really, really special, now that my mom is de- on a business trip!" Celia was now running down the street in her slippers, hair curlers, and pajamas.
"Celia, it is going to be fine. You can just get another piece of jewelry from your mom," Piper said to Celia soothingly.
"No Piper, it is not that simple! She is de- on a life-long business trip in South Korea! I might never see her again and that necklace was my only remnant of her I have and now I have lost it!" cried Celia, as tears started to roll down her cheeks.
"Celia, it's going to be fine, we will find your necklace," said Delilah, as she draped her arm across Celia's shoulders. "We will look everywhere that we went yesterday!"
"Okay, I already checked every nook and cranny in my house and found nothing. I am afraid to say that the only place that we were, was Old Man Crumber's house," Celia whimpered with a sniffle.
"Girls, I know that place is dirty, smelly, and revolting in every possible way, but we need to help our best friend find her prized necklace. Now who's with me?" Piper yelled enthusiastically. Everyone raised their hands, including Celia who changed out of her rose pink pajamas and into street clothes. The four girls followed the same routine that they had the day before and flicked on their heavy-duty flashlight, when they walked into the house.
"Everybody fan out and cover separate corners of the living room! We need to find Celia's necklace!" hollered Piper as the group began scouring the room for anything that looked valuable. The girls were searching very diligently, everyone focused on helping their friend. Suddenly, every single flashlight faltered and the room went pitch black.
"Aaaaahhhhhh! We are going to die in this rat hole and I will never get to say my goodbyes to my family! Aaaaaahhhhh!" screamed Celia, Delilah, and Jackie at the top of their lungs. Just as suddenly as the flashlights had flickered off, all power came back to them as the room suddenly illuminated the faces of three terrified girls. The entire time that the room had been enveloped in pitch blackness, Piper was the only girl that had remained calm and kept a straight face.
"Ah, ha! There it is!" squealed Piper excitedly, pointing at a ruby encrusted locket hanging from the chandelier on the ceiling.
"How in the world could my locket have gotten up there when I kept it around my neck the entire time we were in the house?" cried Celia, as she watched Piper untangle the locket by standing on the top of an antique chair.
A thought dawned on Piper as she said, "Celia, may I see your locket?". Celia reluctantly handed the locket to Piper and she slowly made her way into the kitchen, looking for a magnetic object. There were some old mixing bowls in the cupboard that seemed to be metal, so Piper pulled one down and held the locket a few inches away from the bowl. Almost immediately, the locket slipped from her hands and hit the bowl hard, with a loud clank.
"Your necklace is magnetic, that is why it connected to the ceiling," said Piper excitedly.
"But Piper, the chandelier or my locket must have an incredibly strong magnetic pull because the locket was lifted about six feet in the air," explained Celia.
"Well that is weird, but I am just glad you got your necklace back!" replied Piper excitedly. Celia carefully fastened the locket on to her neck and opened it, hoping to see a picture of her beloved mother. Instead of a picture, a crumpled piece of paper fluttered down to the ground. Celia carefully opened it the note and read it silently. Her face held an incomprehensible, confused expression. Her note said:
My dear Celia,
I know it was hard for you to comprehend that I had passed on and that you would have to live with your father. It will come as an even bigger shock as I tell you, I am still alive. I was captured by a psychotic madman that wanted to kill me. He left me in the sewer of New York City and left me for dead. I am very much alive and I need you to pick me up and bring me home, to California. I love you so much, see you soon. Love,
To Be Continued