The Denver Mint




                   A fun local place to go, where there is lots of money, is the Denver Mint.

     Every day, the mint makes 25 million coins . That is 1.5 million dollars a day. 60% of the coins are pennies. The mint works 24 hours in a four-day period.

       Coins are made nonstop with 50 press machines, making 750 coins a minute.

       The minute has never been robbed, but one of the workers stole a little bit of gold everyday. He eventually got fired from working at the mint.


       The mint made 167,371,035 gold and silver coins (27 million dollars) in the first year of operation. $23.8 million where made up of gold coins, and $3.2 million coins were made up of silver coins.

In 1906, the first productions of foreign coins were made for México.

       There are six mints in the United States of America. Denver, CO, San Francisco, CA, West Point, NY Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, and Fort Knox, Kentucky.


To make a reservation, you have to go online and fill at a survey. All tickets are free. You should make a reservation three months prier to event because spaces fill up very quickly. The mint does not allow late visitors so make sure to arrive 30 minutes before the tour.


       About 20 minutes before your tour, you will go through security like you do at an airport. You will then be led to look at displays while all the people are going through security. You will watch a short movie and then your tour begins.


       My favorite part was seeing how coins are made. The process of making coins was very interesting.

       Once to tour is over, you can go to the gift shop and purchase a souvenir to remember your tour at the mint.

If you want to, you can start a coin collection by purchasing a coin book at the gift shop.


       So if you’re bored on a rainy day, the mint would be a perfect place to go.