The city of Glenrock, Wyoming, was asleep.

The city of Glenrock, Wyoming, was asleep.
Well, mostly. It was two in the morning, and 5th grader Xanthia Bosterschwanner’s slumber party was going strong. The gaggle of girls were gossiping the night away like there was no tomorrow. This, of course, there was, as they knew. What they didn’t know is that they would save their planet that day.
But, let us go back to the present. You are a baby from the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy. Your home planet was demolished by an atrocious meteor tempest and your race (the blob- like Chantii) is looking to colonize Earth. All you really want is a place with an abundant food source and room for your entire family (consisting of about 2.7 billion Chantii) to inhabit comfortably. You, being the youngest, hungriest, and most likely to go unnoticed, were chosen to do down to Earth, scope out the area, and have a snack.
Your family drops you out of their crowded, transitory home ship from the edge of this unfamiliar planet’s gravitational pull. As your small, greenish, squishy self plummets toward earth, you savor the memory of the food on the no longer existing planet Chantius. You are craving the tangy, juicy meat of the Chantian native birds so much that you are unaware of the ground coming at you alarmingly quickly. As you realize it is useless to even dream about such extinct foods- SPLAT! You hit the ground. You land in an open space full of a frigid, white substance. Being young and sensitive to temperature, you decide to eliminate this unpleasant cold when the Chantii take over. As you focus on finding a way around this terrible stuff, you notice a soft, yellowish glow off to your left. Silhouettes of creatures are barely visible to your single, keen eye. Something is awake.
Snack time.
You decide to endure the cold of the white crystalline substance and discreetly slither to the lit area. It seems to be some sort of closed shelter. As you reach your destination, you spot what appears to be an open hole right by the ground that would lead into the shelter. Upon inching up to this space and trying to go through, you realize this was not an open hole but some sort of clear barrier looking into an underground base. As you try to pull away you find that your sticky, slimy body is stuck to the transparent wall. You see several animals on blankets on the floor of the base speaking in English, which happens to be your second language. You have no idea what species these long, hairy creatures are. As you are trying to free yourself from your, ah, sticky situation you happen to catch some of the creatures’ conversation;
 “Ew,” giggled a creature with thick, blue hair sprouting from the top of its head, “I can’t believe you landed on a taco! You had better work on your coordination.”
Hmm… a taco. You would have to keep your eye open in case you run into one of these apparently revolting things.
“Hey, I’m not clumsy,” insisted a yellow haired creature, “I’m just human!”
Humans? Oh no! You had heard terrible stories about humans, destroying their own planet and even eachother. Your kind despises these humans for their harmful ways. These humans, however, appeared to be young and female, the least destructive kind. Still, even tame humans could kill a tiny Chant like you. You struggle to get off the barrier before these humans destroy you. It isn’t working. You are utterly stuck. You feel like, since you cannot seem to escape, it is your duty to observe these humans.
 “Xanthia,” tittered a shorter yellow haired human, “you are clumsy! Ooh, remember that time-“
“Can we police not talk about this?” whined the taller yellow one, Xanthia.
What? They are police? That makes no sense to you. These humans are too young to be police. Unless they are undercover…. Oh wait, maybe she said please. Yes, that makes more sense. But just in case, you had better escape. You struggle so much you wear yourself out and fall asleep for a while. When you wake up, the humans are still talking.
“Fine. Julianne, you do it then,” said Xanthia.
The blue haired (now that you are thinking about it, is blue a natural human hair color? Perhaps she is mutated) human, Julianne, nods. She points in your direction. “That window?”
As the other two confirm this, you realize the barrier you are on must be a window! Oh no, you think, they are coming to get you! You must get away! However, you remain stuck to the window. Julianne comes toward you. There is no hope. She is going to destroy you and the Chantii will never settle. An agreement was made that if you didn’t come back in one orbit of the Earth (1 earth year) the planet would be assumed to be unsafe. If Earth was too dangerous, then they would never be able to settle anywhere. Earth was the last resort. Julianne opens the window, sticks her hand outside, and plucks you off the window easily. You hear loud shrieks of terror and laughter.
“Nasty little slug. Yuck.” To your surprise, she sets you down safely. You eagerly slither around, trying to find an exit. You see a shadow of Julianne on the ground, at your level. The shadow is directly over you. You look up to see the sole of her foot. You feel intense compression, pain, and then… nothing.
Looks like the you (and the Chantii’s last hope) have come to an



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