A Doggone Book for All Ages


“Once upon time, not so long ago, there was a little dog that you would like to know.” Two Dogs Long and Half a Dog High, by Jeanne Wilkins Wilde, illustrated by JoAnn Hamling, starts out with a nice, strong, powerful lead that already tells you it’s a great book. The book tells the story of a dog and his loyalty to his owner and how the dog helps him with his bullying issues. I would give you more details, however the story is short and anymore would spoil the book. Jeanne Wilkins Wilde saw that bullying was an issue, like most people. But unlike most people, she actually decided to do something about it. Wilde decided to write a children’s book that everyone could relate to.

Illustrator Joann Hamling had actually never illustrated a story before, so making sure the pictures matched the words and keeping them consistent was definitely a challenge. As soon as she read the book though, she instantly knew that she wanted the main character, a dog, to be a Dachshund. Because her friend had a little dog exactly like what she would soon be drawing, she took pictures for inspiration. Hamling and Wilde both new that a children’s book without pictures was like cookies without sugar. Joanne Hamling definitely did a great job making the story come alive. But for Jeanne Wilkins Wilde, the story seemed almost write itself.

I would recommend this book to anyone, of all ages, because it really can reach out and touch your heart.