Get Ready For The Most Epic Ride Of Your Life


“Just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”


“Just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”


When Mary Katherine “MK” (Amanda Seyfried) has to move in with her dad, Professor Bomba (Jason Sudeikis) she is not sure what to expect. Her father’s career went downhill after everyone thought he was crazy. MK’s dad told her stories when she was younger about another secret world where people protect and watch over us. Their names you ask? The Leafmen. When MK goes into the forest she does not know she is in a middle of a battle between the Boggins and the Leafmen. She sees Queen Tara, (Beyoncé Knowles) the queen of the forest badly injured. Queen Tara gives a pod to MK which can save the forest against the Boggins (bad guys of the story) who are trying to destroy the forest. Before MK knows it she is the size of the Leafmen and the entire forest’s life is depending on MK. MK has to return to the “stompers” world (what the Leafmen call us humans) and rescue the forest. Luckily, she does not have to do it alone. With the help of Nod, a rookie Leafmen (Josh Hutcherson), Ronin, leader of the Leafmen (Colin Farrell), Mub, a slug (Aziz Ansari), and Grub, a snail (Chris O'Dowd) she may just be able to save the Leafmen’s home and get MK back to where she belongs.


Filled with imagination, creativity and bursting with life. It had fun and charismatic characters sure to have you laughing in no time and, to top it all off, the movie had amazing animation and great special effects. Epic directed by Chris Wedge was in a word, epic. This movie was unique and different than other animated movies, in a good way. It was not just a movie you went to see because your parents dragged you along or something you went to just because your younger sibling just HAD to see it. It was a movie you went to see because it looked like a really good movie and most importantly, was a really good movie. Chris Wedge did an AMAZING job of making this movie for all audiences. He made sure there was “appropriate” humor that would make people of all ages laugh and most importantly had romance but not too much that the movie became sidetracked and was not an action movie anymore. I would DEFINETLEY recommend seeing this movie no matter who you are with. I assure you, the 102 minutes are worth it.


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