The Lightning Catcher Takes Some Surprising Turns


     In Anne Cameron's "The Lightning Thief" young Angus McFangus's life is turned upside-down when Gudgeon who is something called a lightning catcher to take him

     In Anne Cameron's "The Lightning Thief" young Angus McFangus's life is turned upside-down when Gudgeon who is something called a lightning catcher to take him from his Uncle Max's house in the middle of the night. But on the way to the ship Angus is knocked unconscious by two "Mongrels." When he wakes up he is in a mysterious office with Gudgeon and someone else standing over him. He learns this person is named Principal Dark-Angel and he is at The Perilous Exploratorium for Violent Weather and Vicious Storms. He also learns that it has been raining newts and frogs, his parents are the two best lightning catchers at Perilous but he can't see them because they are helping somebody named Scabious Dankhart, and he will be trained as a lightning cub under the name Angus Doomsbury. After that, Angus is given a fast tour around Perilous and shown to his dorm where he fell asleep.
     When he wakes up he finds a pile of a normal looking school uniform and some non-normal weather-proof clothes with a weather watch. When he is ready he opens his door and walks outside to find everyone else wearing the same exact clothes. They are told that they will go through a weather tunnel with all weather extremes to test for any leaks. When they go through the weather tunnel Angus makes a friend named Dougal Dewsnap. When he, Dougal, and a girl named Indigo are assigned to a lightning catcher for training named Catcher Sparks they become better friends. They also have two hours of fog lessons together a week. But Angus soon learns that Dankhart is one of the most feared people on the Isle of Imbur, he also tells Dougal that he is a McFangus.
     The next morning they find out that fog field trips will start soon and they go into the Lightnarium where lightning is studied. While they are there a piece of ball lightning gets out of control and Angus jumps in front of Indigo to save her and sees a fire dragon which suggests he is a storm prophet. When a training fog field trip goes wrong Angus overhears his teacher and Catcher Sparks saying his parents were kidnapped by Dankhart looking for something. The next few weeks, the weather turns horrible and Indigo confronts Angus and Dougal to tell them that one of her family members is someone you won't expect and that she knows that Angus's parents were looking for a map in the Imbur marshes. What will happen on the fog field trips and will other information be found elsewhere that will lead Angus to his parents?
I recommend this book for ages 8 and up. It is like a mix between Harry Potter and The Mysterious Benedict Society so if you have read either of those and liked them then you should read this book. It is a fast read for anybody 11 and over, though. I liked this book because of the way the characters developed over the course of the book. Angus went from being "blind" to knowing it all, Dougal went from being super nervous to only sort of nervous, and Indigo went from being secretive and mysterious to having trust and more noticeable.