Look Out Diary of a Wimpy Kid!


The 13th Story Treehouse is a great series starter!

The 13th Story Treehouse is a great series starter! Written from the perspective of main character Andy Griffiths (who's also the actual author of the book), this 256 page story will have you laughing and turning pages quicker than you can say "see-through swimming pool," one of the many things the treehouse has.


The book is told in both words and pictures. The pictures are drawn by the illustrator, Terry Denton, who is the other main character. The whole story plot is about writing a book. Andy and Terry (in the story) need to write a book for their publisher, Mr. Big Nose, but they keep procrastinating.


They have all these adventures in there treehouse, such as meeting a sea monster disguised as a mermaid or having a giant gorilla threaten their treehouse. When they finally sit down to do the book, they can't think of what to write and draw about. But they realize they just had a giant adventure which would make a great story. So they create "The 13th Story Treehouse," the novel telling of those adventures, apparently the one which is being reviewed right now.


This book was quirky, fun, quick, and easy read. I'd recommend it for all ages, but it's best for kids in mid-elementary school, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I really enjoyed how the book talked about how your life is a story. This novel in cartoons is inspiring to young writers and a great summer read!