Hanging Lake: A Gem of Colorado


I discovered the Hanging Lake when we were driving on the I-70 to Utah for vacation.

I discovered the Hanging Lake when we were driving on the I-70 to Utah for vacation. After finding a place to park, we set out on a short hike from the bottom of the Glenwood Canyon to the top of the Dead Horse Creek Canyon.


At the beginning of the trail it was an easy climb, but the farther we went, the steeper it got. Near the trail there was a small stream where you could rest on a rock or play in the water. My favorite part of the trail was jumping from rock to rock and climbing on the trees. Somewhere in the middle, it felt like you were walking through a rainforest. Ferns, trees and flowers were scattered everywhere in the narrow canyon. Closer to the end of the trail, there is a small overlook where you can see a panoramic view of the canyon and mountains.


When you reach the last steps of your journey, you will be bewildered by the sight you see ahead. Shallow turquoise water teeming with small rainbow trout, a white waterfall glistening in the spectacular rays of sun shining through the towering trees. It was fun walking on the big log to the middle of the lake. It is a great place to take pictures.

As you walk back you will notice a small path on the right side of the lake that not many people take. Even though it is concealed with overgrown vegetation, you decide to go up it. At the top you see the shimmering waters of the lake below and yet another flabbergasting waterfall.


On your trip, I would recommend taking a snack, water and a camera. Make sure to wear sturdy hiking shoes. Don’t go there in the winter or when it is wet, the steep trail gets very slippery.


I hope you come to see this amazing place with your own eyes because it is truly a great place to visit.