Adopting A Cat








       Adopting a cat or cats may be a lot more difficult than you think. You have to make sure you have a brush, litter, a litter box, the right food, and toys. You should probably meet the cat(s) before adoption. It's best to start your cat(s) in one room while they get used to the house. Sometimes it is better to have two cats to keep the other one company if they are all alone for a long time.


    When you feel your cat is ready to roam around the whole house (2-3 days) you need to make sure all food items are put away so the cat does not get to it. The cat will often come back to the room it was first let out in because it feels safe there. At first, your cat may hide but as it gets more and more used to you and your house it will become friendlier and will be more cuddly.


  When spring comes around your cat will start to shed. It will need to shed its winter fur so it isn't too hot in spring. As you may know, your cat licks itself to get clean and because of that it can have hair balls. To make sure your cat does not have hair balls you should brush it almost every day in spring. You should vacuum a lot too.

   Buy toys for your cat. You can buy stuffed mice, feathers on a stick, a carpeted cat play structure and lots more. Just keep in mind, cats don't only like to play with their own toys. Some are entertained by bouncy balls and feathers. Others love pipe cleaners and paper clips. Yet some cats like to play with toilet brushes.


    Wet food is always a favorite for cats. If you do give your cat Fancy Feast, Whiskas, or any other wet food (wet food helps the fur) , it should only be every other day. The other days you should only give your cat dry food like Meow Mix or Iams (it helps the teeth). If you don't know what to feed your cat you should either ask the vet, pet store, or the previous owner what they fed the cat.


In order to go to the bathroom, your cat must have a litter box. Sometimes it is best to have a covered litter box so your cat has privacy. Every other day you need to clean the litter box with a slotted pooper scooper (metal ones work best). Every other week, you have to change the litter and litter box liner that goes in the bottom of the box.


Every year, your cat should go to the vet. They do not like going in the cage or the car ride there. They don't like going to the vet at all. Try not to play with your cat too much, for about a day after they have been to the vet, or at least play very gently. Sometimes they have to get shots and they are sore and mad. Sometimes they are just mad about going in the cage or car.