Superman: Man of Steel


Sent to Earth as a baby because his planet, Krypton is collapsing, Clark grows up as an outcast.

Sent to Earth as a baby because his planet, Krypton is collapsing, Clark grows up as an outcast. He has amazing super powers, But His adoptive father believes the world isn't ready to witness Clark's powers. Despite the fact that Clark only uses his powers for good, his father is insistent he keep them secret, and dies protecting this belief.


When a reporter, Lois Lane, finds out about Clark's powers, he begs her not to report him. They begone very good friends, and begin to fall in love. But when the old army commander of Krypton, Zod, somehow finds Clark on Earth, he wreaks havoc upon the land. He wants Clark to help him destroy Earth and rebuild Krypton, but Clark refuses. Lois and Clark are both captured, and Clark becomes desperate. Can he save both the world and his friend before it is too late?


"Superman: Man of Steel," is a nerve wracking movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire two and a half hours the movie is showing. You are transported to another world- one full of action, adventure, excitement, and just a hint of love and romance. The movie was entertaining and action packed, with a little bit of romance and humor added in. If you love action movies, you'll love the new Superman for sure. I thought it was better than the newest Spiderman, but in my opinion the "Avengers" was bettering only one way. It had a more developed, well-thought out storyline. This movie was mostly action and fighting, which was okay, but a more complex storyline would have added a lot. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the other Superman movies. I hadn’t either. The movie still makes perfect sense, so you don’t have to worry about seeing the first movie first.


This movie is basically a combination of the first three original Superman movies, with a few twists. The main concepts and characters remain the same, but a few new events are added, and new technology is used to make it seem like a completely new movie.


The movie is rated PG-13, and I definitely agree with this rating. While it was a wonderful movie, it is not meant for young children, and is not a family movie. There is very little blood, but the film is full of fighting, and uses inappropriate language several times though out the movie.


"Superman: Man of Steel," is a great redo of the old movies, full of action and excitement. If anything, it just could have used a more developed plot line.