Zits Chillax Brings Comic to Life


Everyone knows the comics in the newspaper are a very funny part of the day.

Everyone knows the comics in the newspaper are a very funny part of the day. Now, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, the writers of the comic Zits, just released a new book called Zits: Chillax, about Jeremy, Hector and the rest of the Zits gang! This is an awesome book for kids who love the original comic and even for those who haven’t read it!


This story starts when Jeremy and Hector get tickets for the best rock band in the world, Gingivitis. They still have to get permission from their parents, because of Gingivitis’s spotty record.


Then suddenly, Tim, another of Jeremy’s friends, announces that his mom has cancer. Tim is going to donate bone marrow for her. This changes everything because he is going to go through a huge operation and they want to do something for him. Once Jeremy and Hector get permission to go, they are already determined to go to the concert and get something for Tim. When the concert comes, it is not what they expect. They are about to have the most surprising night in the world!


I really love this book and would rate it 5 stars. I love it because it explains the other corners of Jeremy’s life, like that his mom is writing a book about taking care of teenagers and their antics, and that once, Tim’s car blew up and he put a video of it on YouTube. I also like this book because the illustrations run with the text, not him telling everything in words and having pictures help it out. This is the authors’ first book, and it comes out on June 13. I would recommend this book from 10 and up, because of some spotty language and disturbing scenes. I would still recommend this to people who have not read the comic, because it gives you all you need to know about the characters.