Shine Bright Like a Diamond


“Beholding Bee” by Kimberly Newton Fusco is about an orphan growing up during World War II nicknamed “Bee”. After her parent’s death, Bee moves into to a hauling truck and runs a hot dog cart at a traveling show with her older peer, Pauline. However, life at a traveling show is hard, especially for Bee. Every day she has to deal with the teasing, taunting, and people staring at her large, diamond shaped birthmark on her face. Every bad day Bee has, a mysterious lady with an orange flappy hat shows up to help her. Bee becomes worried when she finds out that Pauline cannot see this lady. Things quickly fall apart for Bee and Pauline when big changes come about for the traveling show. Pauline leaves and Bee is devastated. Little does Bee know that the lady with the orange flappy hat is going be a big part of her future.


This book started a little slow, but there were lots of entertaining surprises. The book seemed similar to a roller coaster- plenty of ups and downs and you never know what’s beyond the next page. I would rate this book four stars and would recommend it to people who enjoy reality because it uses historical facts that really seem to make the story realistic in its own way. Kimberly Newton Fusco does a great job imitating how people react to certain situations. This would definitely be a great book to add to your summer reading list.